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Cooperation History | LBC and UFP Statements Regarding the Artifact Massacre of 2399

Official Statements from the United Federation of Planets and Liberated Borg Cooperation concerning the events that led to and occurred during the Artifact Massacre (and congruent Equinox and Atlas Insurrections) of Stardate 76338.69

Overview of Events

The Artifact Massacre refers to the coinciding events of Stardate 76338.69 (04 May 2399): a series of coordinated attacks by the Romulan Free State's Tal Shiar against the Liberated Borg Cooperation, and nearly ended with the destruction of the neutral world Coppelius. These attacks occurred in a two-fold manner; while the Artifact suffered the largest on-site loss of life, premeditated coups were attempted in tandem against the artificial intelligence megastructure Atlas and Starfleet's lunar base Equinox that hangs above Ohniaka III. Onboard the Artifact, not only were 3,900 dormant Borg drones sentenced to premature death in the vacuum of space, but 200+ Reclamation Project staffers and Federation civilian doctors/scientists were killed, with some sentenced to death by RFS-sanctioned firing squads. Despite the repeated promises of peace from the Romulan Free State when establishing the Artifact joint operation protocol, this Massacre heralds the worst breakdown of UFP/RFS relations "since the Galorndan Incident of 2395," as well as increased demands for both recognition of and the dismantlement of anti-xB/synth sentiments from the LBC.

As verified accounts regarding the Artifact Massacre's events are continuously made available, one factor that cannot be dismissed is the Tal Shiar's ▇▇▇ ▇▇▇▇ ▇▇▇▇'▇ undeniable premeditation and overall culpability in these acts of aggression. 82 hours earlier, 5 RFS D’deridex-class vessels had taken up orbit over Ohniaka III under the guise of what is now confirmed as "false pretenses of celebrating the Artifact joint operation's first successful quarter." In reality, multiple sources have verified this was an escort cover, by which Tal Shiar ▇▇▇ ▇▇▇▇ ▇▇▇▇ agents used this occasion to infiltrate both the Starfleet Lunar Base Equinox and the xB megastructure citizen Atlas. While efforts to sabotage and destroy the Artifact were supposed to commence and operate in tandem with the Ohniaka III Insurrections, a surprise visitation ▇▇ ▇▇▇▇▇▇'▇ ▇▇▇▇▇▇ to the Artifact triggered a premature chain of events that led to the two botched, yet nearly-successful attempts at Starfleet/Cooperation overthrow. 152 staffers (141 LBC, 11 UFP) and 13 civilians (10 LBC, 3 UFP) died onboard the Equinox Lunar base assault, and a total of 53 Capitol City and Atlas residents were killed in the attempted Atlas takeover.

Executive Director Hugh was emergency recalled to Ohniaka III with the help of 5 brave LBC/UFP citizens that gave their lives in the line of duty ▇▇ ▇▇▇ ▇▇ ▇▇▇ ▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇'▇ ▇▇▇▇▇▇▇ ▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇ before the Artifact's crashlanding on Coppelius, and was administered life-saving care by the Reclamation Project's Medical Division. The courageous Commodore Geordi La Forge was able to defend this critical Starfleet lunar base from falling under Tal Shiar control with the assistance of Equinox's initial 350 onsite staff. Before the 5 above-orbit RFS vessels could initiate a coordinated orbital bombardment upon Ohniaka III's major settlements, the xB artificial intelligence Atlas reassumed control of the spherical megastructure he inhabits and provided much-needed assistance to the Cooperation Defense Force ▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇ ▇▇▇ ▇▇▇▇▇' ▇▇▇▇▇ ▇▇ ▇▇▇▇▇▇ ▇▇▇▇▇▇▇ ▇▇▇▇▇▇▇, destroying 3 RFS vessels in the process and severely damaging 2 that fled the scene. The "greatsword" from this event measures 2.71km long, and is planted into Ohniaka III's minor continent 4,000km away from the Cooperation's Capitol City where it rests visible from space.

Atlas, manifested as a hologram around his 2.7km-wide body, holds a sword made out of a Romulan D'Deridex ship to defend both Equinox below him and Ohniaka III off in the distance.
Recovered reconnaissance footage from Lunar Starbase "Equinox" of destroyed RFS vessel and xB megastructure "Atlas" arriving to provide defense (data transcribed by Palloma Barreto)

The Romulan Free State has yet to release an official statement clarifying the Tal Shiar's actions despite multiple interstellar demands.

While reports are still being verified and declassified by the UFP and LBC, one cannot overstate the tragedy of these events regarding this immense loss of life. Overall, 4,000+ died during the Artifact Massacre, with another 205 slain on Ohniaka III during the congruently-attempted insurrections. Artifact site cleanup and official talks continue on Coppelius to solidify further political ties, xB Starfleet officers with Cooperation citizenship are being offered Shore Leave to allot possible time for grieving, and internal sensitivity reviews are being conducted regarding an attempted elimination of anti-xB sentiments. Heated discussions have once again returned to the divisive 2385 Federation Synth Ban as more representatives call for its immediate reversal– with more internal committee members agreeing that the ban itself is "an inflammatory and bigoted piece of legislation due to its reactionary genesis," and have begun a probe into its questionably-sponsored origins.

The following UFP statement was documented by renowned Federation archivist Lt. Cmdr. John Concagh (in accordance with United Federation of Planets historical documentation and legal framework guidelines for galactic policy), with the LBC statements compiled by the LBC Archival Manager Committee.


UFN/E (United Federation News, Earth)


5th May 2399, PARIS, EARTH, SECTOR 001

The Federation Diplomatic Corps has issued a formal statement condemning the Romulan Free State’s destruction of the dormant Borg Cube known as the “Artifact” and its xB population, as well as the attempted coups of both the UFP-LBC's partnered lunar base ”Equinox” and xB citizen “Atlas.” On top of the attempted assault on the Federation-protected world Coppelius, this marks the largest breakdown of relations between the UFP and the Free State since the Galorndan Incident of 2395. The Artifact, a controversial joint operation between the UFP, the Liberated Borg Cooperation, and the Romulan Free State was the most ambitious attempt at dormant Borg reclamation since the Atlas Project of 2391-2392, and had been heralded as a sign that tensions between the Romulan successor state and the Federation may be over. The murder of 4,000 and more sentients by the Tal Shiar and Romulan security forces and the attempted attack on multiple innocent worlds by the Free State Navy marks a tragic return to the pariah status that many hoped the RFS would never return to.

While an emergency task force under Fleet Captain Riker was able to prevent a confrontation over the protected world Coppelius and Admiral La Forge quelled the Tal Shiar-led insurrection aboard Equinox, tensions with the Free State remain high. Starfleet has been placed on Yellow Alert along the entire border region with the RFS, and all traffic into the Free state has been halted. The senior Commissioner to the Romulan Free State has also been recalled to Earth for consultation.

President Aennik Okeg has canceled his three month holiday to Sauria to return to Earth for high-level talks with the Khitomer Powers over further action.

The Department of the Exterior and Starfleet Command has issued the following joint Statement:

“The United Federation of Planets strongly and unequivocally condemns the massacre aboard the former Borg Cube known as the “Artifact,” the multiple assaults upon Ohniaka III’s sovereignty, and the attempted murder of Reclamation Project Executive Director Hugh. The UFP has been an ally and supporter of the Liberated Borg Cooperation and the Reclamation Project since their inception, and is horrified by this display of state-sanctioned murder. We can now also confirm that 152 Reclamation Project staffers, 59 Federation citizens, and 3,900 dormant drones who were yet to be liberated were killed during this attack. This massacre is in complete violation of the Atlas Agreements of 2392, and is an attack on the rights of all galactic individuals' right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of self-development. The near loss of Director Hugh – a visionary figure who works to liberate former Borg across the Alpha and Beta Quadrants – is a harrowing example of cruelty that will be felt across the entire Federation.

We further condemn the attempted attack on the Federation protected world of Coppelius by a Romulan Free State Naval Armada, who aimed to follow up their destruction of the Artifact by destroying the neutral population of the planet. The UFP and LBC have deployed Starfleet and Reclamation Project-partnered sentientarian relief aid to the Artifact’s survivors, as well as geological observance teams to ensure the Artifact’s crashlanding has not shifted critical tectonic plates that might threaten Coppelius’ endemic population.

Additionally, while the observed actions of the xB citizen and megastructure starship Atlas have been classified as “self-defense” against an obvious assault upon the Liberated Borg Cooperation, his displayed capabilities will be discussed and reviewed by the Khitomer Powers once President Okeg returns to Earth.

The continuing violations of Interstellar Law by the Romulan Free State only underline how the leadership of the General Government can no longer be tolerated by other powers. The UFP demands that the Free State hand over General Nedar of the Tal Shiar to Starfleet to stand trial for crimes against sentient life, as proscribed in the 14th Treaty on Interstellar Law. The Federation Council will meet in an emergency session to discuss further sanctions on the Free State.

Starfleet Intelligence is aware of the accusations that the Free State was able to conduct its operations against the Artifact and Coppelius due to sources within the Starfleet Command. Starfleet denies any knowledge of any Romulan infiltration within its ranks.

Despite their protestations, it is likely that Starfleet Intelligence is likely to come under severe scrutiny, especially not that the Liberated Borg Cooperation has claimed that a prominent head of Starfleet Security may have been a Romulan Agent.

Terra Nova Ambassador to the Council Peter Kahinu told FNN that they “would welcome a thorough inquiry into the security failings of Starfleet,” a view also shared by the Prime Minister of Earth, who told the United Earth Assembly today that “The murders of so many innocents cannot go unnoticed, especially when it happened on the watch of Starfleet.” Admiral Clancy has today rebuffed further demands for her resignation over the incident. The C-in-C’s Office informed UFN that “The President has full confidence in Admiral Clancy’s tenure as Commander in Chief of Starfleet, and that “the Admiral has no intention of stepping aside at present.”


CGNS/O3 (Cooperation Galactic News Source, Ohniaka III)



The Liberated Borg Cooperation has issued a formal statement regarding the horrifying “Artifact Massacre” that occurred on Stardate 76338.69– coordinated by the Romulan Free State’s financing and support of its state-sanctioned Tal Shiar ▇▇▇ ▇▇▇▇ ▇▇▇▇ interior departments. In the LBC’s 31 years of existence, this is the largest coordinated attack against its citizens and livelihood, and is a heartbreaking reminder of the violent anti-xB/synth sentiments shared throughout the galaxy. As tenuous as the alliance was between the Federation, Cooperation, and Free State regarding the Artifact joint operation, the LBC had hoped this could be a chance to improve relations with the Free State for a multitude of reasons– if not for the LBC’s diaspora population of Romulan xBs from the 2360s Beta Quadrant Borg invasions.

The Artifact Massacre has proven that the once-Empire’s galactic arm has collapsed into a fascism-powered state fueled by bigotry and xenophobia, and we can only extend our deepest support to both our newfound ally in Coppelius, as well as the Romulan supernova refugee settlements that remain criminally unsupported by their governments. The near-murder of Executive Director Hugh was an attempted assault on not only one of our most esteemed public service figures, but also on living history as the Alpha Quadrant’s “first xB,” and the attempted overthrows of our Starfleet-partnered lunar base Equinox and xB citizen Atlas harbor frightening implications to the extent of this premeditated conspiracy.

Repairs to Starfleet’s Equinox lunar base and Ohniaka III’s planetary defense grid continue alongside orbital debris cleanup of the three destroyed Romulan Free State D’deridex-class vessels. Sentientarian relief efforts have been deployed in collaboration alongside Coppelius first responders, with Cooperation scientists escorting to monitor any possible Cubesfall-like planetary contamination from the Artifact vessel’s crashlanding. Remains of Tal Shiar ▇▇▇/▇▇ ▇▇▇▇ ▇▇▇▇ agents (that were not destroyed by self-inflicted decomposition chemical reagents) will be returned to the Free State upon request, and exchanged at Federation oversight points. Any Romulan Free State Vessels approaching within 3 light years of the Ohniakan system will be subject to armed escort off the border and/or full-complement search.

Executive Director Hugh has been recalled to the Cooperation’s Capitol City after retrieval by 3 heroic Reclamation Project Staffers and 2 Federation Scientists that sacrificed their lives, and continues to recover in the Reclamation Project Headquarters’ ICU. Artifact Site Director Second Nuran has been declared MIA. A Diplomacy Committee of 20 community-elected xB persons has been deployed to Earth alongside Director Second Crosis and Admiral Geordi La Forge to participate in high-level talks between the Khitomer Powers, with Director Consulate Five of Ten assuming temporary command of Starfleet’s Equinox lunar base in Admiral La Forge’s absence. A memorial service will be held on Ohniaka III in ten day cycles.

The Liberated Borg Cooperation Diplomacy Committee demands an independent internal probe into Starfleet’s Department of Internal Affairs, and has evidence to warrant the convictions of several high-ranking officers for collaborated-upon sabotage.

The Liberated Borg Cooperation (LBC) 98.13% Public Consensus Committee of 76338.69 has issued the following generated Statement:

It is the Liberated Borg Cooperation's great hope that the Federation Star Fleet and its allies recognize the severity of this day's tragic events, and thereby understand the precautionary sanctions and defensive measures taken against the Romulan Free State. The LBC also recognizes the need for a Khitomer Powers review inquiry into the xB citizen Atlas regarding his defense of Ohniaka III alongside his “bodily autonomy,” and Cooperation representatives are ready to defend him and his actions in a court of interstellar law should the need arise. What has been committed is a great crime unto our very existence, and this event shall forever linger in the LBC’s history– for not only the 3,743 lives lost, but for the hope those lives might have inspired, and the threat their actions posed on our very ways of life.

We understand there is a common philosophy shared throughout internal Tal Shiar operations: that they are never to be the ones who "fire first."

The Liberated Borg Cooperation also understands this philosophy, and in fact adheres to a very similar, if not identical principle.

If any observant state, ally, or enemy to the LBC wonders what side will act (or has acted) more according to this statement, however, consider the following fact: former Borg are able to, and always will, adapt to the world that surrounds us.

It is in our nature.

The Romulan Free State, however, has proven on multiple occasions they are unable (or unwilling) to adapt to or respect our galactic presence as sapient individuals: even while hosting sentientarian relief workers aboard a Borg vessel the Free State kept confidential from other galactic powers for 16 years.

This Statement has been reviewed, compiled, and algorithmically written by 55,529 Liberated Borg Cooperation citizens, and approved by 98.13% of the total population that are able to cognitively discern these events. We demand the Romulan Free State abide by the United Federation of Planets’ request for extradition, as proscribed in the 14th Treaty on Interstellar Law. If further elaboration is needed unto our sentiments, please consult the 20 elected Diplomacy Committee members currently deployed with other escorting personnel, as they have been equitably elected to speak our greater will.

We are currently unified in grief, mourning, and loss– for this date will live in infamy, so long as the Liberated Borg Cooperation exists.


AN: The LBC statement was written by O3P site author Hye Mardikian, with the UFP statement half of this entry written by John Concagh (@badsocialism), and Altas' stand against the RFS D'Deridex ships was drawn by Palloma Barreto (@crwlls)! Please check out the rest of John's work and historical writings here!

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