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Ohniaka III | Significant Persons of Interest — Atlas

Archival debrief of the Liberated Borg Cooperation's sapient and spherical megastructure citizen Atlas

Analysis Data


AGE: Incepted (Reclaimed) Stardate 68656.17 | August 28 2391, physical body constructed ~2373-74

CITIZENSHIPS: Liberated Borg Cooperation (LBC), United Federation of Planets (UFP) POPULATION: 100 LBC citizens, ~30 UFP/UFP-allied scientific interns, unknown number of endemic sentient Ohniaka III lifeforms MASS | HEIGHT: SPHERE: 2.63 kilometers diameter, ~65,000,000 metric tons • HUMANOID HOLOGRAM: 2.15 meters, 240 kilograms MODE OF TRANSPORTATION: standard non-dilithium Borg warp drive, gravitron beam-based stationary orbit, [▇▇▇▇▇▇▇ ▇▇▇▇▇▇]

Information and images courtesy of public LBC databases | Artwork by Palloma Barreto (



“If Atlas was a politician, I’d be an unemployed moon shuttle conductor.”

— UFP President Aneik Okeg, 2395

Measuring at 2.63km in diameter that hovers near Ohniaka III’s Cube 5219 Memorial Site, Atlas is a sapient starship capable of supporting life in civilian housing, research internship, and natural reserve capacities. Due to classified events that occurred during the Atlas Project, what was once an experimental Borg vessel within a host cube became a self-made, stitched-together sphere of his own making— boasting unique centripetal force mechanisms and artificial gravity constructs to have an “outer hull” capable of supporting Ohniakan life. He is also host to strains of the mycelia Prototaxites stelaviatori that dwells almost exclusively in space— leading to several Federation-sponsored scientific inquiries to study his one-of-

a-kind, planetoid-like body.

As is with the implication of sapiency, the starship is made animate by an artificial intelligence program capable of holographic projection. Powered by seven ship-wide hologenerators, Atlas is able to run multiple instances of himself within the sphere that simultaneously communicate with his central processor’s greater mind. He is the only known “xB starship” of his kind— though he has expressed hope for seeing other “reclaimed” Borg vessels like him one day.

Examples of noted Altas "instances;" self-designed formal attire from his speech to Starfleet in 2392, casual Ohniakan garb, and a projected form as an Ohniakan Coastal bullfrog for outer hull biome climate monitoring

A synthetic consciousness that blurs the line between “separation of body and mind,” Atlas’ avatar is able to appear anywhere (standing or floating) within his spherical body. His hologram can be encountered outside of his hull by either forwarding copies of himself into other hologenerators, or using a Cooperation-developed mobile emitter to attend offworld diplomatic ventures and visit Ohniaka III’s surface. As a vessel, Atlas is also capable of near-instantaneous teleportation to any chartable location in the galaxy [▇▇ ▇▇▇ ▇▇ ▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇ ▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇].

Mycelial Scarification

As a result of his hull-wide fusion with 238 recorded strains of the spaceborne mycelia Prototaxes stelaviatori, all of Atlas’ holograms manifest with a full body, bright-green fungal root pattern. Every newly-activated projection bears different “scarring” patterns, though his stored clothing files are not effected by the mycelial influence. The markings react to touch and pressure against his holomatrix, and glow brighter upon contact.

Close-up images capturing Atlas' holomatrix reacting to mycelial proximity and phenomena

Rooted from his origins as a Borg artificial intelligence, Atlas’ green, cubical eyes serve as both his program’s “pupils” and as visual indicators to reflect how much his holomatrix’s “unit” is processing– the unbound photons able to change brightness when under emotional excitement or duress. If an adult human were to look at his eyes at their absolute brightest without corneal protection, it would be equivalent to staring directly at the noontime sun.


Renowned by many as “the Alpha Quadrant’s Mightiest xB,” Atlas’ demeanor is as peaceful as his outer hull biome’s natural habitat. Volunteering to act as a place of environmental and mental refuge, he offered his inner forest to serve as a site (and holographic guide) for Consultation Division-developed ecotherapy— seeking to help and relate to other xBs using his own Reclamation experience.

Quiet and analytical around strangers, he has been described as being “one hell of a speechmaker,” as well as “able to exude a permeating, thoughtful calm once his program determines he is in favorable company.” Despite his amiable nature, however, he also has the blunt candor shared by xBs that emerged from the Collective’s factual dirge, and will not hesitate to remind others of his capabilities should they threaten Ohniaka III.


Atlas’ very existence poses a unique opportunity (and possible future political dilemma) for Ohniaka III's fledgling xB society. If the potential for sapiency is woven into Borg machinery itself, is it possible for more Borg vessels beyond Atlas to become fully-realized individuals alongside humanoid drones? Has every destroyed Borg spacecraft been a missed opportunity to create a truly-sapient, self-sufficient starship if life can be sparked into their hulls? Additionally, if these vessels are to have citizenship granted by the Liberated Borg Cooperation, how thoroughly must their firepower be acknowledged (or even regulated by powers within the Cooperation and outside factions)?

These are questions that xB philosophers admit they ponder on. But as science officers relish in the view of Atlas’ Garden of Eden-like chamber and share pleasant conversation with his consciousness, Starfleet cannot help but wonder what the future holds for lifeforms like himself, or if his very existence shall inspire future Borg vessels/AIs to create their own personhood.






Temporal Warning

Before the Temporal Wars and subsequent treaties were signed in the future [▇▇▇▇], a hologram bearing Atlas’ likeness and capabilities was encountered combing through his hull in the year 2398.

Contact Starfleet HQ or Cooperation diplomacy offices immediately if encountered

Though his mobile emitter vanished [▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇] after “an emotional rendezvous” with Admiral Geordi La Forge and Reclamation Project Executive Director Hugh, follow-up tachyon scans and micro-wormhole residue research estimates this hologram traveled from the 32nd century. While it remains unknown how he visited this era, his appearance confirms that some form of Atlas endures 800+ years into the future.


AN: Atlas' reference art was provided by Palloma Barreto (@crwlls); the same visionary behind the incredible Through the Eye of a Needle book cover and Artifact Massacre header art! Please find more of their work at or any other related social media!

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