• Lt. Cmdr. Dr. Amadeus O'Reilly

Cooperation Dialects | LBSL (xBSL), Language of Information

Regarding unique languages and dialects spoken by xBs of the Liberated Borg Cooperation

It is known that, regarding certain Former Borg, the infinite possibilities of assimilation-forced augmentations sometimes manifest in the form of pieces that affix themselves into/over the mouth and/or deep in the throat, rendering the drones incapable of traditional, auditory speech. I have been told by xB cyberneticists that this procedure is usually done for drones assigned by the Hivemind to technical maintenance or drone repair services, as there is no need for speech (not to mention avoiding the possibility of a drone inhaling noxious fumes during said repairs that could result in unit death; a wasted resource for the Collective’s productivity). While there are xBs who are able to receive Reclamation Procedure surgeries to reconstruct their mouths/vocal cords and undergo speech therapy to verbally communicate once again, an equal portion of xBs are unable to, thanks to the deep physical and mental traumas of assimilation’s instinctual ignorance to mercy.

For both survivors and Reclamation Project Consultation personnel, these fixtures can be some of the most vast augmentations for xBs to reckon and grapple with. The idea of realizing a unit had a voice in the first place (and the further extrapolation of that idea that one could “reclaim” it) can allow an entirely different voice rebuilt it to one’s liking, or permit an individual to communicate in an entirely new way due to what has been taken from them. Communication is essential to a people who have been stripped of the mental company of billions, and I have learned they take refuge in many different languages.


For non-verbal xBs, communication is mostly done in “LBSL (“Liberated Borg Sign Language,” also known as “LBSL" or "xBSL”) or through visual text displays, though LBSL is almost universally known throughout Ohniaka III thanks to the xB ease of being able to download the solidified dictionary reference completed in 2382. Federation Standard Sign Language bears some similarities to this dialect, though it is imperative that future xenoanthropologists familiarize themselves with this dialect before commencing any long-term visitations to the Cooperation planet. You not only pay respect to the culture you are living with and learn another way of communication with a significant portion of the population, but you also ingrain yourselves further in the celebration of individual acts of communication.

Much like verbal speech for xBs, there is an anticipation in waiting to see what the other will say next as a separate entity from you, but there is also a a joy in xBs developing their own habits, traits, and "quirks" in physically signed words (ticks, unique motions, etc) is something unique to LBSL, and the celebration of individuality to xB society overall.


The Language of Information is, technically, not actually a "language" spoken actively by xBs, but it is one they are all inherently capable of understanding. Used as the "dialect" between the billions of voices of the Collective, to non-xBs it is more akin to a deep, guttural electronic humming that bears a faint semblance to speech, and thus cannot be spoken by organic xBs. It is exclusively spoken by Borg AIs and other functioning programs like the photonic xB "Atlas," the language's words packed with so much "information" that brains without Borg-given processors and drivers are simply unable to glean its meaning.

It is a wide, electric, vast, deep noise of a language; one that rattles the bones and shakes a non-xB humanoid to their very core in scope and in sound. It is an intimate, shared quality, I find; one that elicits either the mortifying ordeal of being known to a community you have been severed from (and paradoxically linked to), or the sacred knowledge and constant comfort that no other being outside of an xB (or anyone outside their community) will ever be able to understand- both in a literal and metaphorical sense.

The xBs do not have an observed, unified, or shared religion, as their multitude spans over countless species mythos with their own unique beliefs. Yet I have found the respect to this language- one entirely indiscernible to my ears- in equivalence to listening that of a great, ethereal, calming voice that can quiet their mindss: in all its infinity, implication, or inherent finality.

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