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  • Lt. Cmdr. Dr. Amadeus O'Reilly

The Reclamation Project | Overview

A brief overview of the Reclamation Project and its Four Internal Divisions

While I have already discussed my observations regarding Cooperation life on Ohniaka III, I feel as if I’ve only begun to scratch the surface of its space-faring presence in the galaxy: the Reclamation Project. Although only officially ratified in the Federation’s eyes and her allies with the signing of The Ohniakan Accords of 2379, xB historians argue the Reclamation Project technically began in 2368: when the Progenitors first began to peel back their augments and found their bodies were, as Junction Horus has described to me, “self-made temples in their own Reclaimed images.”

As Starfleet spontaneously birthed and now weaves itself into the fabric of the United Federation of Planets, the Symbiosis Commission coexists with the bones of Trill society on a biological and societal level, and the Klingon Empire relies on its 11 houses as the High Council’s galactic source of might and honor, so too does the Liberated Borg Cooperation extend itself into space and its people with the Reclamation Project: in history, lineage, and “reclamation” for all xBs.

The following material under "The Reclamation Project" category will examine this organization in the following manners: a brief overview and its mission statement, intent for galactic venturing and Cooperation-aligned colonies/settlements, and then be dissected per its four divisions. All official inquiries and desired internships can be made freely to Reclamation Project Administration or Cooperation government; so long as you are willing to work with a slew of qualified xB professionals and be immersed in this fledgling society.

For my Federation/Starfleet colleagues on Earth, you will know Cooperation delegates (or civilians) visiting San Francisco by a number of qualities: their geometric, dark, and dramatically sweeping sense of fashion, the gleaming gold-and-silver badges bearing the cubical sigil of the Liberated Borg, and the scars and augmentations that litter their bodies; not carried in anguish or self-hatred, mind you, but as treasured pottery would be repaired with inlaid gold- unique, valued, and utterly beautiful to each individual.

The Reclamation Project houses four divisions: Consultation, Medical, Cybernetics, and Engineering, and its overall goal is the “The willing Reclamation of every former Borg that has been Liberated from the Collective” (to compliment the Liberated Borg Cooperation's motto, "Individuality's Needs, Community's Many"). Seasoned politicians will notice there is an absence of “Military” and/or “Security” within these branches; the xBs of Ohniaka III, while possessing planet-wide defense systems, starship armaments, and primarily defense-based technology, attempt to adhere to a principle of pacifism, and have yet to actively instigate any recorded instance of intergalactic conflict, other than destabilization of opposing starship weapons systems or individual agitators. An administrative subsection is dedicated to affairs that deal with communications between Cooperation government and Reclamation Project staff (both on Ohniaka III and affiliated micro-colonies off-world); much like Cooperation societal intent, the Reclamation Project is removed from Starfleet-tangential structures of hierarchy, and relies purely on cooperative decision-making and processing of productive, individual-enriching intent.

In comparison to Starfleet's motto of "Ex Astris, Scientia ("From the Stars, Knowledge")", the Reclamation Project lays its intent bare for not only the galaxy, but its own staff: "Know Thyself" (and by Starfleet-mandated Latin translation: "Temet Nosce").


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