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Chronological timeline of the Liberated Borg Cooperation (LBC) from 23682399

The Ohniaka III Project timeline is a fan-made chronology cataloging significant historical events that occur in the Ohniaka III Project's Liberated Borg Cooperation. Following the return of Hugh to the Borg Collective in 2368 (Star Trek: the Next Generation's "I, Borg") to the actions of "The Artifact Massacre" (Star Trek: Picard's first season), this timeline uses a mixture of Alpha, Beta, and STO canons to supplement originally-written characters and events. As more entries are completed for the Project, each timeline/"era" of LBC history summarized below will eventually have paired entries under the O3P's Entry Archive section.

Index of LBC Eras

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MAY 2368–2369

The Year of Trial

A year marred by internal conflict, grief from their severance to the Borg Collective, and manipulation by the Soonien android Lore, the original former Borg of Ohniaka III (Progenitors) had a difficult first year before uniting to become the beginnings of the Liberated Borg Cooperation.



Age of Isolation

Utilizing Ohniaka III's naturally-occurring orbital EM interference, the Progenitors were able to remain undetected in Sector 219-B for nearly a decade– developing a peaceful, agrarian society that would lay the groundwork for the Liberated Borg Cooperation's customs and philosophies.



The First Reconstitution

Faced with a plague that would end their fledgling society, the Progenitors opened their galactic channels for the first time in 10 years with an emergency hail to the Federation. Received to extremely mixed reactions, Starfleet finally responded with "Operation House Call," paving the way for future political relations and Second Contact relief aid. 


2387–SEPT 2379

The Road to Signing the Ohniakan Accords of 2379

After a year of reconstruction, refortification, and welcoming fellow xB immigrants that nearly doubled their once plague-stricken population, the residents of Ohniaka III cemented the celebratory nature of Reconstitution on its first anniversary with the signing of the Ohniakan Accords of 2379.


2380–AUG 2391

Age of Reprisal

With a formal recognition and sanctioning of space by the United Federation of Planets, the following decade was a busy one for the Liberated Borg Cooperation: both on Ohniaka III as the population swelled rapidly to accommodate xB immigrants, and in political outreach ventures to secure trade routes and peace treaties.


AUG 2391–OCT 2392

The Atlas Project and Road to the Atlas Agreements of 2392

Originally planned as the first joint-operation between Starfleet and the Reclamation Project to study a mysteriously-abandoned Borg sphere, the Atlas Project not only introduced the galaxy to the first sapient xB artificial intelligence, but also ushered in a new era of politicking for the LBC with the signing of the Atlas Agreements in 2392.


2393–MARCH 2398

The Five Years' Tumult

Littered by bureaucratic strife, xenophobic attacks, and attempted stonewalls from their newly-formed Romulan Free State neighbor, the Five Years' Tumult was a turbulent period that tested the resilience — and power — of the Liberated Borg Cooperation's previously-signed alliances.


2398–MAY 2399

The Artifact Project

A legislative nightmare from its initial 2398 reveal, the RFS-led Artifact Project was a far cry from the harmonious Atlas Project– ending with the deaths of 4,000+ individuals, an attempted coup of the Starfleet lunar starbase Equinox, and a reveal of the megastructure citizen Atlas' combative might during the Artifact Massacre.

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AN: Special thanks to Memory Alpha, Memory Beta, the official Star Trek Online Wiki (including Star Trek Online's "The Path to 2409" supplemental material), John Concach of The Edge of Midnight, and Andy Poulastides of Project 359!

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