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This page will host all the retroactively-edited and finalized chapters of Through the Eye of a Needle: the fanfiction where the first incarnation of the Ohniaka III Project began. Each link will take you to a fully-typeset, remastered, and DRM-free PDF of each act's corresponding chapter! 

Note: this page is under construction, and will see regular updates to it and its content.

begotten riches

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of God(s)

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The year is 2391. An abandoned, damaged Borg sphere dated from the Species 8472 War has been found spat out of a wormhole near the Alpha/Gamma Quadrant border, filled with nearly 3,000 dormant drones in need of a home. While Starfleet wants to know how it got there, its ally, the Liberated Borg Cooperation's Reclamation Project, has the experience and knowledge to help get the six-month investigation (and reclamation) job done. When Starfleet's chosen project lead is master engineer Geordi La Forge, what could go wrong when his Reclamation Project co-manager is Executive Director Hugh: the same xB of Liberated Borg renown?

This is an adventure spanning three acts: delving into what secrets the Borg Collective could hold, and what their reaped actions could sew throughout the galaxy. It's also an exercise in worldbuilding: what a former Borg (xB) society might look like, and what a society rooted in the celebration of transhumanism could be.

But most of all, Through the Eye of a Needle is a love story of healing through reconnection in unlikely places: how leaving a comfort zone can be scary, but we're all the more beautiful for going forward— to be the best version of ourselves, hand in hand with another.

CONTENT WARNING: this story contains depictions of violence, gore, body horror, instances of unreality and mental instability, loss of a loved one, and transphobia-adjacent metaphors. All chapters containing such material will be pre-indexed with appropriate content warnings.