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supplemental reading

Companion Literary material
for the ohniaka III Project

From historical "nonfiction" to story-driven epics, The Ohniaka III Project was originally built by fanfiction– continuously supplemented by Alpha, Beta, and STO Star Trek canons to inform its settings, characters, and archival entries. The following works are in-progress collections of relevant or supplemental readings for the main Ohniaka III Project entry archives, and will be periodically updated with new installments (and recommended reading lists of other relevant fan writings). 


Mercy of the colossus

The Early Political History of the Liberated Borg Cooperation, 2378-79

An in-universe piece of historical nonfiction, Mercy of the Colossus is an in-progress, four-part series written by The Edge of Midnight's author John Concagh (with editorial work by site author Hye Mardikian and assistance from the Project 359 Team). Taken from a wider in-canon book that illustrates the Federation's post-Dominion War alliances, these "excerpts" chart the year-long political path from the Ohniakan xBs' Cortical Plague of 2378 to the eventual signing of the Ohniakan Accords of 2379.

Through the
Eye of a Needle

A 2390's era fanfiction set within The Ohniaka III Project's Timeline

The body of work where the Ohniaka III Project first began, Through the Eye of a Needle is a part-romance, part-mystery fanfiction centered on Geordi La Forge and Hugh the xB that takes place in 2391– setting the stage for Atlas, the Atlas Agreements of 2392, and Starfleet's involvement with the LBC by the time of Star Trek: Picard's first season. Chronicling the Atlas Project's development and the AI that inhabits a Borg sphere, this remastering-in-progress story is about "healing through reconnection in unlikely places, exploration of the self, and irrepressible inspiration."

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