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Cooperation History | The Atlas Agreements of 2392

Official summary and full document archival of the Atlas Agreements of 2392 that established galaxy-wide protocol of encounters with dormant Borg vessels and/or drones

In the Liberated Borg Cooperation's current standing, there are two signings that secure the xBs of Ohniaka III a significant foothold in galactic politics. Whereas the Ohniakan Accords of 2379 recognized the Cooperation and Reclamation Project as an official entity (as well as began the first steps of alliance with the United Federation of Planets), the Atlas Agreements of 2392 would cement sentientarian protocol between the LBC and Federation's allies. These agreements were signed with the desire "to create a legal framework for safe, regulated, and supported reclamation of Dormant Borg Drones," as well as further solidify declarations of sentience and personhood for xBs themselves. Signed on Stardate 69783.3 (Earth date 13 October 2392), these agreements were spurred after the completion of the Atlas Project and following a speech given by the xB megastructure starship Atlas, inviting scientific collaboration as an assurance of his pledged pacifism.

The following agreements were written and prepared by Lt. Cmdr. John Concagh, in accordance with United Federation of Planets historical documentation and legal framework guidelines for galactic policy.




We the Undersigned, as representatives of our collective governments and the wider interstellar community, have come together on this date in this place to define the future relationship between the international community and the community of people who have been liberated from the Borg Collective. Despite the enormous threat that the Borg Collective continues to be to the continued existence of the Sentient life, we as a galactic community are obligated to recognise that those individuals who were formerly assimilated are victims of the collective on their own part. The Undersigned recognise that the right of drones to liberation and self-fulfilment is fundamental and irrevocable. The Undersigned also recognise that the establishment of procedures for the proper reclamation of former Borg drones is vital to ensuring the safety of both liberated Ex-Borg and the interstellar community at large. The protocols detailed here endeavour to create a legal framework for safe, regulated, and supported reclamation of Dormant Borg Drones.


a. Dormant Borg Vessel (DBV): A Dormant Borg Vessel is a Borg vessel that has become disconnected from the Borg Collective, and is in a state of isolation – its crew either in a state of Disconnection or Dormancy.

b. Dormant Borg Drone (DBD): A Borg drone who remains in a state of stasis due to the Dormant status of its parent vessel.

c. Disconnected Borg: An active former drone who has recently been disconnected from the collective and is in the vulnerable and early stages of personal liberation.


a. All Undersigned powers recognise the sovereignty of the Liberated Borg Cooperation, as was ratified by the Ohniakan Accords of 2379.

i. Planet designated Ohniaka III is recognised by the Undersigned as the Homeworld of the Liberated Borg Cooperation. System Ohniakan is designated the Cooperation’s home system, as was ratified by the Ohniakan Accords of 2379.

b. All Undersigned powers accept the right of Liberated Borg (xBs) to claim citizenship of the Liberated Borg Cooperation.


a. All Undersigned powers recognise the rights of the dormant bodies of Borg drones to non-interference and autonomy with the boundaries of the LBC’s directive on Dormant Bodily Autonomy (see Annex 1)

b. All Undersigned powers recognise the universal right of disconnected Borg Drones to liberation and self-determination and afford them all rights within the United Articles of Interstellar afforded to Sentient Species.

c. The Undersigned recognise that the right of drones to liberation and self-fulfilment is fundamental and irrevocable and overrides any previous legislation on the legal status of Borg drones.

d. All Undersigned powers recognise Liberated Borg Drones as a protected marginalised group, as defined in the United Articles of Interstellar Law.

e. All Undersigned powers shall endeavour to use all resources to protect the autonomy and sanctity of all dormant bodies of former Borg drones and liberated individuals within their controlled space and designated Treaty Area.


a. The Undersigned declare that they will endeavour to follow and enforce the following procedures for the correct reclamation of all Dormant Borg Vessels.

b. Procedure for the protection of Dormant Borg Vessels

i. General Procedure

1. If a Dormant Borg Vessel is discovered in orbit or upon the surface of a planet within the territory of the Undersigned powers, they are required to notify the Reclamation Project as soon as possible.

2. DBV are to be designated with a subspace beacon, the nature of which is to be specified by the Reclamation Project at a later date.

3. The authorities of Undersigned powers are under no circumstances to interfere, contact, or board a DBV without the prior agreement of the Reclamation Project.

4. All DBV are to be designated as Class 1 spatial hazards. All civilian traffic and non-essential military traffic are to avoid the 1 AU exclusion zone until Reclamation Project vessels can arrive.

5. Where possibly, authorities should maintain a constant watch on activity aboard the DBV. All subspace transmissions should be monitored and recorded.

6. When a Reclamation Project vessel and/or team arrives at the DBV, all Undersigned powers will render aid and support as requested according to their ability: those powers who are unable to render sufficient aid can request aid from Starfleet as proscribed in Chapter 6 section b.

ii. Planetary Orbit

1. Any planets orbited by or containing a DBV should immediately have a level five cordon (as designated by Article 8 b of the Interstellar Passage Treaty) established around them.

2. If said system is within 5 light-years of a major inhabited system, all planetary authorities and interstellar travel bodies are to be notified immediately.

3. In cases where a DBV is discovered within an inhabited system, the system should be placed under a level four cordon under the Interstellar Passage Treaty, and the Reclamation Project informed immediately.

a. Authorities are ordered to under no circumstances approach or interfere with a DBV within an inhabited system.

iii. Deep Space

1. If Dormant Borg Vessels (DBV) are discovered within the special territory or treaty zones of the Undersigned powers, they are required to notify the Reclamation Project as soon as possible.

2. If a DBV is discovered within the traffic zone of a heavy use space lane (Class A1 under the Stellar Traffic Accepted Rights (S.T.A.R.) Treaty of 10354.6 & Class L under the Second Khitomer Accords), treaty powers are authorised to move said DBV by tractor to a location 1 AU from the lane.

c. Passage Rights

i. Reclamation project vessels and other specified support vessels are hereby designated Sentientarian support vessels, with rights afforded to them as designated in the United Articles of Interstellar Law. The Undersigned will provide open passage to all reclamation project vessels. Said vessels will still be required to follow local traffic laws and customs obligations in normal operating circumstances.

ii. In emergencies, as defined in Section ii part 3, reclamation project vessels should be granted complete right of way to their destination.


a. Legal enforcement of Salvage Protections

i. The breaking up and plundering of Borg vessels is classed as an act of Illegal Salvage as defined under Article 11 of the S.T.A.R. Treaty of 10354.6, and such those who attempt to break up DBV for personal use, profit, military purpose or research unsanctioned by the reclamation project will be subject to sanctions and prosecution and article 11.

b. Actions to be taken to Suppress and Eradicate Trade in Drone Parts

i. All Undersigned powers will recognise the trade in drone parts and dormant drones as an illegal act of sentient trade, in violation of the Unified Treaty on Sentient Trade (Stardate 45356). ii. All powers will therefore be directed to arrest all parties engaged in the trade under Article 4 Section b of the treaty. iii. The Liberated Borg Collective retains the right for the extradition of certain named parties for trial on charges of specific crimes as detailed in Annex X.

c. Actions to be taken to eradicate the enslavement and trafficking of Borg Drones

i. The use of Borg drones, whether dormant, collected or liberated, in indentured or forced labour, is hereby declared a violation of Article Six of the First Khitomer Accords. The use of Borg Drones as chattel slaves is a Class IV Interstellar Offence against Sentient Life.

ii. All Undersigned powers endeavour to use all legal and military means to suppress and end the use of former Borg drones in forced slaves.


a. The Reclamation Project is to be declared an organisation engaged in sentientarian aid, as specified within Article 11 of the First Khitomer Accords and the Ohniakan Accords of 2379.

b. As such, any power that attempts to obstruct or hinder the work of the Reclamation Project will be subject to diplomatic and economic sanctions as detailed in Article 11 section b of the First Khitomer Accords.

Signed by the following on Stardate 69783.3 (Earth date 13 October 2392) in the Robert Fox Hall, Antwerp, Earth, Sol, Sector 001.


Cosmo Van Hellen Secretary of the Exterior to the Council of the United of Federation of Planets

Admiral Kathryn Janeway Starfleet Command, The Federation Star Fleet

Rear Admiral Dojaal Muin Judge Advocate General of the Federation Star Fleet

Captain Geordi La Forge Federation Star Fleet



Executive Director of the Reclamation Project


Cooperation Representative of the former Atlas Project, Former Borg Megastructure Vessel


Provisional Representative of the Cooperation Board to the United Federation of Planets, signing on behalf of the Cooperation Representation Committee to the United Federation of Planets


Major-General J'thiram

Klingon Ambassador to the United Federation of Planets

Admiral Ch'ajena

Klingon Military Attaché to the United Federation of Planets


Jaadrik Ollat

Senior Commissioner from the Cardassian Assembly to the United Federation of Planets


Yeldar, on behalf of Grand Nagus Rom


Polrav Mek Grand Council Representative to the United Federation of Planets

Note: Representatives of the Romulan Colonial Organization Committee walked out of the hall in protest over Articles 4, 6, and 7.


AN: The entirety of the Atlas Agreements of 2392 was written by John Concagh (@badsocialism); please check out the rest of John's work and historical writings here!


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