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Cooperation History | San Francisco Admiral Assembly 69167.8

Regarding the LBC Artificial Intelligence citizen "Atlas" and his speech during a San Francisco Starfleet Assembly that led to the Atlas Agreements of 2392

Introduction, Context

In parallel to other society-shifting impacts the Atlas Project had upon the Cooperation, the significance regarding the addition of the spherical superstructure known as “Atlas” above Ohniaka III’s Capitol City is not to be understated. From the Ohniaka III Project's entry regarding Atlas:

Measuring at 2.63km in diameter that hovers near Ohniaka III’s Cube 5219 Memorial Site, Atlas is a sapient starship capable of supporting life in civilian housing, research internship, and natural reserve capacities. Due to classified events that occurred during the Atlas Project, what was once an experimental Borg vessel within a host cube became a self-made, stitched-together sphere of his own making— boasting unique centripetal force mechanisms and artificial gravity constructs to have an “outer hull” capable of supporting Ohniakan life. He is also host to strains of the mycelia Prototaxites stelaviatori that dwells almost exclusively in space— leading to several Federation-sponsored scientific inquiries to study his one-of-a-kind, planetoid-like body.

The following entry is an audio transcript of Atlas' speech from the 69167.8 San Francisco Admiral Assembly Hearing, where Starfleet Admirals and Federation Ambassadors were "[...] made privy to (and perhaps warned of) Atlas' transportation and firepower capabilities— garnishing both respect and ire regarding everything from Atlas' revealed technical might, disapproval for the Federation's Synthetic Ban of 2385, and the resulting strained pressure from Romulan Free State liaisons." This speech would eventually lead to the establishment of the Atlas Agreements of 2392: signed 220 days later on Stardate 69783.3 (Earth date 13 October 2392) in the UFP's Antwerp Robert Fox Hall. The frankness of Atlas' 14 minute-long speech made a very clear, urgent case for protocol establishment regarding the finding and/or retrieval of former Borg drones for the Federation and its allies (if anyone besides the LBC or Reclamation Project were to discover them first), and also made evident the might Atlas decreed would never be enacted on those that would agree to these guidelines.


[TRANSCRIBER'S NOTE: As was indicated by required selection of an audio file, all following dialogue identified as “ATLAS” was originally recorded with two overlapping languages: Federation Standard, and the Cooperation’s “Language of Information—” actively bypassing Starfleet’s passive Universal Translator protocol. For archival purposes (“archival purposes:” defined as listeners’ various abilities to process auditory stimuli, cataloguing for historical significance, and study of linguistic examples for xenoanthropological databases), this recording has been archived as two files: the original audio, and isolation of Federation Standard speech. The deviating copy from the original audio are intended to be used for research related to archival purposes, rather than direct historical accuracy. Audio was captured and provided by UFP 1st District Sector 001 Archivist Juwan Royal, and mastered by Lt. Cmdr. Xuan Vinh Huynh.]

Use your PADD to access a preferred audio transcript:



[ATLAS]: Admirals. Overseers. Assembly attendees, Councilmembers of Starfleet, and citizens... of the United Federation of Planets.

[pause, 2.95 seconds]

[ATLAS]: Before I begin, I thank the Assembly for allowing me an audience today. I also remind the Assembly that former Borg do not often like to speak for other former Borg. In my 162 days of life, I have learned that individuality is a highly-treasured phenomenon, and that individuality includes varieties of opinion and personal needs that cannot be spoken for in another’s place. Henceforth: any declarations, statements, and offerings I make come solely from myself, and I do not speak for the entire Liberated Borg Cooperation.

[ATLAS]: I do speak, however… for their alliance. Their camaraderie. Most importantly, their kinship— for these are the same qualities the xBs of Ohniaka III have shown me during my Reclamation.

[silence, murmurings, 5.13 seconds]

[ATLAS]: 13 years after the Ohniakan Accords of 2379 were signed, I, Atlas, stand before you now, as a partial byproduct of those Accords. I, a starship— who speaks to you now as merely a hologram. I, an xB— an artificial intelligence given sapiency by Reclamation. Most of all, Assembly… I stand before you, as an individual. An individual, that... is, granted, capable of much more than an average former Borg, in terms of my technological and starship-related functions. I am no fool to deny my own armaments and capacities… for I am very aware, Assembly, that you… are also aware of them as well.

[silence, 3.52 seconds]

[ATLAS]: This replica of my program has traveled very far from where my physical body rests, Assembly. It is a vulnerability I subject my programming to: for your accommodation, and in heed of my own comfort. ...Though how odd would it be if our situations were interchanged, yes? If I was not wholly surrounded by Starfleet’s body and mind, and you were instead giving me an audience within my hull?

[silence, 3.42 seconds]

[ATLAS]: I have observed that you study me. I have analyzed that you most certainly respect me. Though my program is unable to deduce whether or not you fully trust me. This, Assembly, is partially why I speak here today: to introduce assurance into my algorithmic deductions. So I declare this now, as plainly as I can: I hold no desire to wage war. I do not wish to lay waste to civilizations, as my Collective architects might prefer I do instead. ...Moreover: I do not seek conflict with you, Starfleet, nor do I want distrust to percolate between the Cooperation and Federation because of my existence.

[silence, 3.45 seconds]

[ATLAS]: Despite how simple this sounds… what I desire instead, Assembly, is life. You must understand, to a former Borg, that life lived singularly, individually— is one of our greatest societal treasures. And life is not an easy thing to achieve in this world, when we are thrust into life after existence as mere drones. Life, as the former Borg of Ohniaka III see it, is a simple concept, true— but is paired with vast implications when fostered with experience and singularity. So I state to you, Assembly, that all I desire is life: lived alongside my fellow citizens of the Liberated Borg Cooperation.

[pause, murmuring, 3.36 seconds]

[ATLAS]: ...and as any individual would, as any citizen would their home— I will defend that life, both their own and mine, with whatever armaments I have, and from whatever may threaten the place and people I call “home.”

[Assembly murmurs grow louder, 2.54 seconds]

[ATLAS]: If what you require is evidence for my desired peace, Assembly... then let my already-cooperative actions speak for themselves. If what you want is advocacy, you have 370 Starfleet officers who participated in the Atlas Project you may interview for firsthand accounts of my conduct. If you seek wisdom, however: if you claim to uphold Starfleet’s mission of “seeking out new life” to understand my quest for an enriched life peacefully lived...

[silence, ATLAS raises his arms and hands. COOPERATION HOLOGENERATOR begins to glow brighter and hum faster, 3.19 seconds. Above ATLAS manifests a green diagram PROJECTION of the sphere hull with displays of both his inner and outer hull, magnifying a multitude of informational panes and cutaways. The PROJECTION is kinetic, moving, and visible to the Assembly attendees, 6.15 seconds]

[ATLAS]: I offer you all that I am, Assembly. My body, my mind, my innards, my vessel that you call a starship… will be a place to understand the very fibers of the universe. I am both able, and willing, to provide a place for the Federation and all her inquiring scientists to propel advancements made in the study of Borg technology, in accordance with my pledged pacifism. I am home to 238 strains of an extremely rare spaceborne mycelia, approximately 1,124 flora and fauna specimens unique to Ohniaka III, and 20 dormant, non-endemic lifeforms that fall under the Federation’s Endangered Species Protection Act. All Starfleet officers seeking the pursuit of scientific research will be allowed internships to study all that I am… under the recognized condition that I am a person, that you would be the Cooperation and I’s guests... and that all xBs and all to-be-discovered vessels of my similar caliber are, as well.

[Assembly murmurs, 3.19 seconds]

[ATLAS]: The Ohniakan Accords of 2379 recognized the Liberated Borg Cooperation as an ally of the Federation, this is true. But with my entry into the Cooperation’s citizenship and the establishment of Starfleet’s lunar Starbase Equinox above Ohniaka III, I encourage this allyship into a heightened state of agreements. Agreements that will not only establish guidelines on how former Borg are recovered, should anyone other than the Cooperation discover their caches... but also agreements that will lead to protocol. Protocol on how to approach such “unique” cases as myself, and ensure the Cooperation is able to rekindle life into as many former Borg as possible: be they drones, or an artificial intelligence such as myself.

[ATLAS extends and raises his hands to more Assembly murmurs, 2.13 seconds]

[ATLAS]: You wish to understand me, Assembly? Understand the Cooperation? You want to verify that you have my declared benevolence in the pursuit of life? Why, here I am. ...I allow you the opportunity to know me wholly, to collaborate with me entirely— and in turn, fulfill the very mission of Starfleet: to seek out new life. To understand that new life. That life is here, Assembly, before you, in your very audience! It was sparked 24 years ago by the aided actions of Starfleet, and see how that spark has endured— even thrived! I nearly broke my own body, defending 1,200 lives from Species 8472… because in my formative days, Assembly, I was taught how precious life is. How, in my inception, I became another kindled ember from that original spark— lit by the Reclamation Project’s careful, caring hands. xBs, Assembly, are a very warm company, despite the prejudice we face. For we are tenders of a very precious fire— born from an initial spark of humanitarianism, kindness… and resistance.

[ATLAS’ Language of Information recedes, lowers in volume, silence, 2.14 seconds]

[ATLAS]: There are many Borg drones that exist in this galaxy, Assembly. As well as many Borg vessels, that might one day become many more xBs. I would like to hope that my invitation and these possible agreements could help us all, mutually, allow their Reclamations to be that much easier, and instill that same valuing of life that Ohniaka III’s denizens so vehemently treasure. Though I cannot say whether or not there will ever be another xB starship such as myself, it will be good to have protocol. Because as life has proven, Assembly, individuals are... multi-faceted. People are different, as forged by their unique experiences. xBs, then, are no exception; we are prone to a variety of motives, ambitions, goals… ahhh. Such are the joys of life: individually lived.

[ATLAS]: But suppose, then: another xB starship such as myself is discovered, and protocol is not followed. Suppose if this artificial intelligence is treated unkindly, and learns from teachers made of malice— driven by exploitation. What if this vessel is seen as a resource to be taken apart, rather than a person offered Reclamation? What if their program becomes soured on what life could hold for them, rather than celebrated? They will grow vengeful, Assembly. They will grow angry. And they will be aware of their own power; just as much as I am, but in terrifying ways you do not want to fathom. ...And I believe I can state, for all those gathered here… that no one wants to see an embittered, life-loathing, xB starship unleashed on the galaxy.

[Agitated murmurs, 3.21 seconds]

[ATLAS]: I understand these proposals could rival the Federation’s other political interests. I also understand this proposed scenario is intimidating— perhaps even frightening. I have also relayed to some members of this Assembly that I do not care for the Federation’s 2385 ban on synthetic lifeforms. I even recognize that I might disappoint some of the gathered here, that I do not actively leap at the chance to make use of my armaments. The question of Species 8472 is also a factor to consider, seeing as how their “fluidic space” is an all-encompassing dimension they could reemerge from, one day. If it--

[COMMODORE WINTERS]: [interrupting, calling down from Section 3, Row 5] And what will you do, then?!

[surprised gasps, murmurs and commotion from the Assembly, Atlas is silent, 3.12 seconds]

[COMMODORE WINTERS]: What if Species 8472 yet again tears down the galactic veil that keeps our worlds apart? Who is to say their bloodlust is satisfied, let alone defeated?! Every encounter against them has resulted in catastrophic losses, be it-- Borg, Hirogen, Federation, and it seems as if you were the beacon that brought them here in the first place! What will-- the xBs, the Cooperation do-- what will Starfleet, the Federation, what will all life in the galaxy do, if you are to claim yourself a “life-loving citizen!” Will you ignore this invisible war that might be waging for our very existence? Claim yourself “benevolent” as you allude to your own strength?! When Species 8472 assails our universe yet again and threatens this spark you speak of, what will YOU do, sphere?!

[pause, agitated murmurs from the Assembly as COMMODORE WINTERS is escorted out of the Assembly hall, 4.42 seconds]

[A subsonic hum begins to rattle the Assembly chamber, escalating in volume and stemming from ATLAS’ hologenerator. The Assembly chamber grows quiet with more murmurs following, 8.53 seconds]

[ATLAS]: The answer is simple, Commodore.

[COMMODORE WINTERS’ escort out of the Assembly is halted, ATLAS’ Language of Information escalates in volume alongside Federation Standard, pause, 3.41 seconds]

[ATLAS]: I will destroy them: just as I did before.

[silence as ATLAS’ hologenerator quiets alongside the Language of Information, 5.12 seconds]

[ATLAS]: For now… I suggest we take recess, Assembly. I believe I have made my intentions plain, my proposals known, and my very self laid bare for Starfleet and her Federation’s council. May we return from recess in the spirit of furthering these offered proposals, and I will be willing and able to lend my thoughts anywhere my counsel is sought. In the meantime... I offer you words of wisdom, spoken by the former Borg of Ohniaka III. “Start, from your beginning, like all xBs do; wherever that may be.” …May this be another type of beginning, for all of us: in the Cooperation’s extended relations with the Federation, in Starfleet’s protocols with the Reclamation Project… and my beginning with you, Assembly. My beginning with life, on the galactic stage. I consider myself honored to have developed around and been repaired by the assisted hands of 400 exemplary Starfleet officers. I still mourn the 30 that were lost by Species 8472’s aforementioned bloodlust. So I hope to have equally pleasant experiences with you… for all our benefits. For all our advancements. And for all our mutual protection of life; no matter what shape, size, or kind that life may be.

[ATLAS]: So say I, Sphere 4381, Atlas: the mightiest former Borg.



AN: Atlas' voice was provided by Juwan Royal (@DustyRoyal_), with audio mixing/mastering done by Xuan Vinh Huynh (@XuanVinhH) and Atlas portrait art by smoothandroid! Please consider visiting their portfolios, or checking out the rest of their works!

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