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Cooperation Literature | Mercy of the Colossus, Part 1

The excerpted works from New Berlin Times Bestseller "POST WAR: The Khitomer Alliance 2374-2385" now available on the Ohniaka III Project

Mercy of the Colossus records the history of the United Federation of Planets' initial 2378-79 response to and relations building with the Liberated Borg Cooperation, with materials primarily excerpted by Tranquility Press editor John Concagh. Taken from Solora Hasegawa's original text examining the state of the Alpha Quadrant post-Dominion War, these excerpts chart how a single emergency hail from a plague-stricken Cooperation brought Starfleet, the Federation Council, and President Min Zife's administration to action and into the Ohniakan Accords of 2379.

The Cortical Plague chapter preview for Mercy of the Colossus' first chapter

This four-part series begins with "Homecoming: The Return of Voyager and the Ohniakan Crisis:" including a Foreword from Reclamation Project Director Second Crosis, cataloging the United Federation of Planets' "Week of Hell," and Aennik Okeg's speech to a tumultuous Federation Council.

Artistic interpretation of Admiral William Ross, UFP President Min Zife, and Troyian Councilor Arafel Pagro deliniating over Neutral Zone proximity of Ohniaka III as the FNN broadcasts Hugh's original emergency transmission | Artwork by Palloma Barreto (


AN: Mercy of the Colossus was primarily written by John Concagh (@badsocialism), the Ohniakan Accords' title card was provided by Zoë / Indigo Allen Wickler (@indigoiseau), and Part 1's title art was done by Palloma Barreto (@crwlls)! Please find more of their work at, Palloma's art at, the rest of John's work at!


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